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My site is for sale. I have had ten wonderful years with the best customers in the world! But...it's time to move on. 


 Please contact me at sherswares@gmail.com or call 949-698-3233. I'll be glad to answer any questions you may have.




Heirloom Baby Bracelets
by Sher's Wares
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Baby Girl Bracelets

All of our Heirloom baby bracelets are lead free, We have fresh water pearl heirloom baby bracelets, pearl and sterling silver heirloom baby bracelets, Baby's First Pearls heirloom baby bracelet and pearl baby necklace, heirloom pearl baby jewelry sets, gold filled heirloom baby bracelets, heirloom baby name bracelets, cat eyes heirloom baby bracelets, sterling silver heirloom baby bracelets, gold fill and pearl heirloom baby bracelets, lovely czech glass heirloom baby bracelets, birthstone heirloom baby bracelets and other special heirloom baby bracelets and baby jewelry, just for your baby girl. We love custom orders. Create your own heirloom baby bracelet.We will be making our heirloom baby bracelets with glass beads made in the Czech Republic. These beautiful faceted fire polish glass beads are an age old cottage industry.

These lead free beads are still made in small quantities by hand and we work with the finest vendors and have the most consistent, beautiful glass available. I was disappointed when we could no longer sell Swarovski crystal (except to 13 years and older) baby bracelets, but these fire polished czech beads are wonderful. They are perfect for the old fashion heirloom baby bracelet style. I actually like them just a well.

The main reason for changing to czech glass beads from the crystal beads, is that there is no lead in our czech fire polished glass beads. We will however, make crystal heirloom baby bracelets for those who are purchasing for a child 13 years and older, upon your request.

Heirloom Baby Bracelets - When you are looking for an heirloom baby bracelet gift, look no further. We have the most beautiful heirloom baby bracelets. These heirloom baby bracelets are the perfect gift. She'll be about to enjoy her heirloom baby bracelet for a lifetime ~ even when she out grows it.

Teach her to care for her heirloom baby bracelet and keep it in good condition. After she out grows her heirloom baby bracelet, help her to store it in a safe place.

Then, when her special wedding day comes, she can take her heirloom baby bracelet out of storage and include it in all the special occasion that go along with her special day.

Heirloom Baby Bracelets by Sher's Wares makes many different styles of heirloom baby bracelets. Here are a few of the heirloom baby bracelets we have available. If you don't see the heirloom baby bracelet you're looking for please send an email. Part of our service is to make your heirloom baby bracelets to you specifications and desires. Here are a few heirloom baby bracelet categories.

Christening Baby Bracelets
Baby Name Bracelets
Birthstone Baby Bracelets
Fresh Water Pearl Baby Bracelets
Baby's First Pearls baby bracelet and baby necklace
Sterling Silver Baby Bracelets

And, our heirloom baby bracelets aren't just for babies, you can purchase any heirloom baby bracelet for pre-teens also.

Heirloom Baby Bracelets by Sher's Wares uses only the finest quality materials for our precious heirloom quality keepsake baby bracelets. Each heirloom baby bracelet can be personalized for your special child. Add a sterling silver charm, initial, or extender chain to your heirloom baby bracelet. At Heirloom Baby Bracelets, we work through each step of the creation of your heirloom baby bracelet, with you. Each heirloom baby bracelet is made specifically for your baby girl. If you don't see the perfect charm for the heirloom baby bracelet you'd like, just contact me. There are many charms that can't get for your heirloom baby bracelet.

And we have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on every heirloom baby bracelet or your money back.

Our name baby bracelets, heirloom pearl baby bracelets, heirloom sterling silver baby bracelets, heirloom gold filled baby bracelets, heirloom beaded baby bracelets, heirloom czech glass baby bracelet, heirloom birthstone baby bracelets and all our heirloom baby bracelets are hand made with love, just for your special little baby or little girl. Our heirloom baby bracelets can be made to fit any age girl, even up to pre-teens. We customize each heirloom baby bracelet to your request.

It's our pleasure to work with you to create just the heirloom baby bracelet you desire. We make each heirloom baby bracelet ourselves, hand made, after you purchased it. That way we have the flexibility to make your heirloom baby bracelet any style you'd like. Please never hesitate to contact us to discuss options for any of our heirloom baby bracelets. And please remember, the safety of your baby is of utmost importance.

A Unique Gift To Be Cherished And Remembered

Your baby's safety is of utmost importance in our minds. Heirloom bracelets have small parts so please never leave your baby unattended while wearing any heirloom baby bracelets or jewelry. We strive to make our heirloom baby bracelets safe and sturdy, but please check your heirloom baby bracelet before and after each wearing. Since we use czech glass in all heirloom baby bracelets sold to children 12 and under, they will be lead free.

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