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Baby Safety
Heirloom baby bracelets does not sell any beaded bracelet containing lead to children under 13 years of age. We have found a beautiful replacement in our czech glass beads. The safety of your child is very important to us.

Heirloom Baby Bracelets by Sher's Wares does all we can to insure that all your heirloom baby bracelets are safe. The are made in a very secure manner and without lead (under 13 years). Given this, it's still important to remember that all heirloom baby bracelets jewelry contain small parts and require precautions to be taken.

One of the biggest concerns regarding heirloom baby bracelets and jewelry is the possibility of the baby putting it in her mouth. As she becomes a toddler, this possibility becomes more of a concern.

Please be aware that all heirloom baby bracelets and jewelery contain small parts. All heirloom baby bracelets and jewelry should be removed if baby is unattended for even a moment. Perfect time for cleaning your baby bracelet.

We strongly recommend that your baby be attended at all times while wearing her pretty heirloom baby bracelets and other baby jewelry.

All care and caution should be taken at all times. Most parents and other family members enjoy buying heirloom baby bracelets and jewelry for their babies. It looks so sweet and precious. Especially when it represents a special occasion.

These wonderful heirloom baby bracelets and heirloom keepsakes are truly a family treasure. Please inspect them prior to each wearing for any loose parts and remove all baby bracelets as soon as the special occasion is over.

We at heirloom Baby Bracelets by Sher's Wares know your concerns and appreciate the safety measures you take. You can be sure we use only the finest materials and each heirloom baby bracelet is made with much love and care. All of our heirloom baby bracelets are made to stand up to normal wear and tear, however no piece of jewelry can ever be guaranteed not to break..

We hope you enjoy your heirloom baby bracelets. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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